We Hear You

                    We Understand You

In 1982 Christine, founder of Clear Control Skin, heard a speech on acne prone skin and its care given by Dr. James Fulton, a renowned dermatologist in the research, study, and care of Acne patients.  At the time Christine realized people were being made to believe that their skin conditions (e.g. acne) were normal or their fault, and that the products available to treat these skin conditions were causing more damage instead of providing any control for the condition.  It was from this realization that Christine made it her mission to help people with troubled skin, and Clear Control Skin was born.

To transform the acne sufferers into an acne - clear individual working with the tools and education to keep acne under control.

To provide toxic free products
To provide real products for real people (no fluff or fancy packaging)
To provide tools and education to keep acne under control
To support you on your journey to clear skin


Customized Skin Care Solutions:
For those who suffer from monthly breakouts, contact Christine personally for your own personalized skin care routine.

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