Why You Should Use Our Products:

You may have noticed that the Clear Control Skin Acne line tends to be somewhat higher priced than other products on the market.  We believe that our company should use the highest grade and quality of ingredients to be the most effective product for our customers.

Because of this belief we use the highest quality and pharmaceutical grade ingredients to produce the most effective results for our customers.

To accomplish this we have our products formulated and produced by a lab that is licensed by the Department of Public Health Food Drug branch of the state of California and is also FDA registered as a Drug Manufacturing Lab.

Our products are highly concentrated and last longer than other products on the market.  Our products on average last approzimately 2 - 3 months, the Clear Control Acne Treatment last approximately 4 -5 months or longer depending on your usage.  This makes them a better value for your money.

Another reason our products tend to be somewhat higher priced is that we do not add any fillers or ineffective ingredients.  Nor do we add ingredients that are known to be toxic to the acne prone skin or any other skin type.

One of the main ingredients for controlling acne is the time proven ingredient, Benzoyl Peroxide.  To be effective Benzoyl Peroxide can at times be drying to the skin.  When the acne prone person understands this ingredient and how to work with it the drying of the skin process is extremely minimal.  This process needs to be explained to the acne prone person.  To avoid explaining this to every person, other companies add ingredients to soften the effect of Benzoyl Peroxide on the skin.  This makes those products become ineffective over time.  Disappointing the customer and sending them out to try to find another acne skin care product.

In my book "It's More Than Just A Zit", which is a quick and easy read, I explain the effectiveness of Benzoyl Peroxide and how it controls the bacteria in the pores of the acne prone person.  Keep in mind that there is NO CURE FOR ACNE.  All that can be done for the acne prone skin is to control the acne breakouts through effective products with no fillers and good over all health care.

The only time that Clear Control Skin care products would not be totally effective is if the customer does not follow all the guidelines of our treatment program, or if a customer continues to include other products and ingredients along with our treatment plan.

Always remember that we are excited about being able to personally speak with anyone seeking help with their acne prone skin.  Our goal is to provide you with the best products, guidance and instructions developed specifically for you.

Customized Skin Care Solutions:

For those who suffer from monthly breakouts, or any other special skin care problems, or questions please contact Christine personally for your own personalized skin care routine.

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