Why this manual was written:

This manual is about attitudes and choices:
Attitudes about our health
and ourselves, and
Choices about whom we are going to allow
to have control of them.

It was written for those of you who want
to take control of your own health.
It was also written for those who are looking for
information to help you make intelligent choices.

What you will find in this manual:

Part One:  Defining Acne

Chapter 1 - Acne: The Disease
Chapter 2 - The Skin: What An Amazing Organ!
Chapter 3 - The Many Faces of Acne
Chapter 4 - Rosacea

Part Two:  The Body

Part Three:  Myths Of Acne

Part Four:  The Skin's Enemies

Chapter 7 - Cosmetic Ingredients
Chapter 8 - Cosmetic Ingredient List
Chapter 9 - Damaging UV Rays

Part Five:  Acne Medical Drugs

Chapter 10 - Retin-A, Renova and their Non-Prescription Derivatives
Chapter 11 - Accutane
Chapter 12 - Frustrations of an Acne Prone Person

Part Six:  Acne Scars

Part Seven:  The Devastation Of Mind And Emotions

Part Eight: Treatment Techniques For The Skin

Chapter 16 - Correct Cleansing Technique
Chapter 17 - Cryotherapy
Chapter 18 - Microdermabrasion
Chapter 19 - Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Chapter 20 - Training The Subconscious Mind
Chapter 21 - Benzoyl Peroxide:  The Healing Ingredient

Part Nine:  Summary

Part Ten:  Testimonials

Part Eleven: References

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An Educational Approach To Acne For Teens, Parents, and Other Adults

It's More Than Just A Zit
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Understanding Acne

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